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Alex Roberts




Assistant Project Design Manager & Boxing Coach


2024 Chicago Marathon
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Why I run

I lost my grandmother to late stage ovarian cancer two weeks after her diagnosis in September of 2022. Five months later I lost my uncle to late stage lymphoma just a few weeks after his diagnosis in February of 2023. In May of that same year I had the chance to coach and corner four incredible men in the Haymakers Rock 'N Rumble XII in Boston. From that moment on I knew it was my turn to fight back against cancer. No longer could I sit back and watch everyone put in the work. So while my time in the ring is behind me, I am lacing up my shoes and will be pounding the pavement this summer all in the name of fighting back against this horrible disease. My grandmother and uncle never quit - even when the cards were stacked against them, not once, and neither will I. This is for them.

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Chelsea Gazaille

Go fast!!

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Heather Grunwald

Let's go!!!! Fuck cancer!!

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