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Trevor Milton


156 lbs


5' 9"




Audio Technician

Boxing gym

Topeira Boxing Club
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Why I box

Cancer doesn't have a weight class.

The glue of my father's side of the family eroded completely when my grand dad passed away from cancer in 2011. The bond I had dreamed of building with that side of my family throughout my childhood never came to fruition and I learned very quickly how the loss of one person can change the trajectory for an entire lineage of family bonds. Since then, cancer has affected multiple uncles on both sides of my family and countless loved ones from my closest friends' families.

Cancer causes inconsolable loss that I hope to aid in eradicating as soon as possible. I fight today so that I can contribute funds raised to prevent this loss tomorrow.

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Jackson Williams

Keep working hard!!!

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Donovan Hicks

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Jeffrey Foster

You have put in all the hard work now it's time to shine congratulations PUP proud of you

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