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Ray Tomsick


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5' 10"




Mortgage Broker/ Realtor

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Touch of Sleep Boxing Gym
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Why I box

" Be the hero of your own story" -Joe Rogan

I grew up watching my mother's courageous battle with Multiple Sclerosis unfold before my eyes. I witnessed firsthand the incredible strength, resilience, and determination that she displayed every single day. Despite the challenges, obstacles and limitations presented, she faced them head-on with unwavering grace and a fighting spirit that inspired all who knew her. Her journey with MS became a source of profound inspiration for me. Watching her navigate life from a wheelchair, not only showed me the true meaning of perseverance, but also gave me the lenses to see the gift in having the ability to be active and athletic. Recently seeing that gift, pushed me to challenge myself and strive to be better.

All around me I see countless individuals fighting a different kind of battle—the battle against disease. Haymakers for Hope gave me the opportunity to take all that my Mother instilled in me and join a force that makes a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. I am honored to stand in solidarity with the fighters, the survivors, and the warriors who face cancer with courage and grace.

During my training, I faced some of my darkest days as I unexpectedly lost my Mother. I instantly found myself surrounded by the support of fellow Haymakers for Hope fighters, my coach and so many at TOS Gym lifting me up. Feeling the intensity of the workouts, the focus required, and the physical and mental strength building, all during difficult time, have brought a new level of confidence and determination into my life. This opportunity has become a source of empowerment, discipline, and self-discovery.

As I enter the ring in a few weeks, I will fight in loving memory of my Mother. While also taking great pride in knowing I can make a difference, be a “Ray” of light of hope and support to those fighting the toughest battles of their lives.

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Proud of you Ray! Kick some azzzzzz!

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