NYC - It's your turn to step into the ring for Hope NYC XII!

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Michael Rodriguez


142 lbs


5' 4"




Business Development Manager at UMZU

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Empower Boxing
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Why I box

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” - Viktor Frankl

Why I chose to fight in Haymakers for Hope:
- To honor the memory of my father Maurice and my uncle Herman; both of whom passed away after bravely battling cancer
- To celebrate my mother Sandra and my aunt Jane; both of whom beat their cancer
- To use my newfound passion for boxing to help raise money that will make a positive impact for other individuals and their families who are currently fighting courageously to beat cancer

My journey to Haymakers for Hope:
I first learned about Haymakers after I began attending classes at Empower Boxing in Denver - Empower founder/owner/coach, Amberle Zuerlein, fought and won in Rumble in the Rockies 2.
I felt this would be a great way for me to challenge myself with a completely new experience; one that would hold special meaning to my family and me, considering the difficulties we've faced these past couple of years.

In 2022 my father, mother, and uncle were diagnosed with cancer. In September of '22, my dad lost his fight. Amazingly, by March of '23 my mom completed her treatment and rang the victory bell, having beaten her cancer.

My uncle's battle continued on into 2024.
On Feb 25th, I visited him and my aunt Jane - who beat her cancer in 2006 - and told them the exciting news; I was selected for Haymakers. I got to tell Herman that he is a huge part of my inspiration to fight, and that on June 13th he'll watch me step into the ring on his behalf. Sadly, just 5 days later he passed away.

Even with this recent loss, I am excited and motivated to work hard on two fronts leading up to June 13th - training for fight night and gathering donations that will make a positive impact.

How your donations will help others:
I have chosen Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation as the beneficiary of 100% of direct donations made to my page - ROH is an amazing 501(c)(3) organization based right here in Denver, CO. ROH responds to the urgent needs of Coloradans with cancer by providing financial assistance and mental health support with dignity and humanity. I wish my family and I had been aware of ROH during our struggles, but at least now I can help raise awareness about the org and raise funds that will directly support our CO community members who have cancer. Please visit to learn more.
"We believe no one should have to choose between cancer treatment or a home to live in." -Ray of Hope

All funds raised from sponsorships and ticket sales will go to Haymakers for Hope, who has been funding cancer research, care, awareness, and survivorship since 2011.

Thank you to each person who supports me and helps me raise funds for those who are truly in a fight for their life!

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UMZU :: Silver Sponsor

93% of goal


About 1 month ago


Allison Holmgren

In honor of both of our fathers who battled as hard as they could, and sadly whom we had to say goodbye to too soon. Crush it Michael!

91% of goal


About 2 months ago


Tim Holsworth

In honor of your mom Sandra who is a Twitter friend and a Christian sister of mine, as well as my own daughter who is 38yo wife mom of 4 children she homeschools, and of your courage in entering the 'squared circle'. I boxed competitively 8 years amateur, and loved the sport. Good luck!!

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