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Colin Travis


198 lbs


6' 0"




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Why I box

"It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you down. It's the pebble in your shoe." Muhammad Ali

My passion for boxing ignited when I was just a baby in my Mama’s belly. Back in 1983, my parents witnessed a UK boxer named Colin emerge victorious in a match. Inspired by this moment, they decided to name their baby boy Colin. Since then, my love for the fighting arts has led me to practice on the heavy bag at home and study the techniques of Bruce Lee with my father. I trained at Bam’s Kung Fu under Willy “The Bam” Johnson (also known as Professor Bam) before heading to San Francisco. In San Francisco, my partner Heidi and I met for the first time through boxing. Heidi and I trained on the outdoor basketball court of Hamilton Recreation Center with Wheatley Technical Boxing run by Coach Will Wheatley. Fog, rain or shine we trained and spared with a wonderful Wheatley Technical Boxing community. Shortly after, Heidi and I started our family with two little ones. We decided it was high time to move to her home town of Denver, CO. The next thing I know, Heidi and I are submitting applications to Haymakers for Hope to be apart of a fight much larger than any one boxing match. We both joined TOS Boxing to train with the renowned DaVarryl Williamson. Now, we focus on turning over our punches, checking our watch, footwork, and feints that would have you jump.

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