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Rosen Ivanov


186 lbs


6' 2"




Former Chef-Owner of Food Truck Manager/Partner at Roadside Assistance Company

Boxing gym

Nolan Bros Boxing
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Why I box

I Fight for my beloved wife Laura, whom we lost to Breast Cancer in 2022. She was the strongest person that i knew. After she was diagnosed in 2020, she never gave up and she gave that cancer hell of a fight. She Fought and stayed Strong until the end. Iam going to Fight for cure the way she Fought!
Iam also fighting for my Mother in law, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor and my Father in law who is CLL survivor.
Ill be Fighting for my Uncle to, whom we lost to a Brain Tumor in 2015. He was one of my closest people!
Iam and I will continue to Fight also for all those Women, Man, Kids and Families who were and are impacted by cancer! LETS K.O. CANCER TOGETHER!!

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JoEllyn Decker

Good luck Rosen. Laura will forever be in our hearts.

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