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Paolo Narag


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Life is short and quoting Albert E. "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

Last Aug ‘23, when our family found out that my aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor, we were shocked, surprised, and beyond heartbroken. Our aunt, who was super active and loved health & fitness, who started and owned her own company in the Philippines, a loving and caring mom of 2 and the life of party could experience this was hard to believe. • BUT, she’s tough, strong, and resilient. She underwent brain surgery a month after and the tumor was fully removed. This short excerpt does not do her justice in the fight that she went through AND does not reflect the fight she is still in today. • I am fighting with her to fight back against brain cancer and raise money to fund cancer research to find a cure for glioblastoma. • At the end of this, I would love to share with her how many people are in her corner fighting this terrible disease. Thank you for all your support whether that words, monetary, or being there day-off! • Let’s do this!

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