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Matthew Bongi


185 lbs


6' 2"




Data Analyst

Boxing gym

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Why I box

I fight for those who can’t. For those who feel like they are alone.

I want you to know, you are not alone. I want to dedicate this fight to let those people know myself and the entire community support and want to help you win that battle everyday.

I fight for my cousin, one of my best friends, who is battling Lymphoma and is waking up on a day to day basis with an unforseen challenge. I pray everyday that God will guide him on a path that allows him to win that battle.

As he goes through his challenge, I will be fighting through mine, working hard daily, giving it my all, challenging myself as life has challenged you.

You are never alone.

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Gemma & Brian Bossi

We are so proud of you!

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22 days ago


Sue Smith

Thank you for stepping up for this great cause. Best of luck to you. 💪🥊

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24 days ago


Lisa and John slocum

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