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Marco Bomtempo


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5' 8"




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Nolan Bros Boxing
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Why I box

In memory of my grandmother, Dunalva, who battled against a severe cervical cancer.

When I was just 3 months old, my parents made the decision to return to Brazil, taking me and my older sister with them. My dear grandmother, Dunalva, played a crucial role in raising me and my sister.

After my grandmother lost the fight against the disease, my sister decided to return to the United States. Admiring her desire to do so, six years later I followed in her footsteps to move to the country where I was born.

Two years into this journey, I saw in this noble cause an opportunity to express my gratitude for my grandmother, for life, for my health, and for the welcoming way I was received by people during this period of adaptation.

I am fighting this year to support One Mission, a pediatric cancer charity that does whatever it takes to help kids fighting cancer. I am committed to fight on behalf of this noble cause and I hope to contribute to the combat against this disease that haunts society worldwide.

I'm counting on your support and contribution to this cause. Together, we can make a difference. LET'S GO!

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Good luck!

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justin Auger

Best of luck Marco - a great event for a great cause!

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