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Why I box

My biggest lesson about how cancer can change a life came in the summer of 2022 when my sister lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer. Caroline had fought long and hard, and despite winning victories along the way, when cancer reappeared in her brain, we all lost. Her children, especially, lost their amazing mother, but we all lost a bright Light that day. Caroline lived passionately, loved fully and fiercely, and gave with all her heart. I have joined Haymakers as a way to do the same. I am pouring my heart and energy into this event as a way to turn my grief into action and to help provide hope for other individuals and families affected by cancer. The Ellie fund provides assistance to families living through cancer and treatment so they can focus more of their positive energy on themselves, their families and their healing. I believe my sister’s generous spirit would approve of this charity. Please join me in supporting Haymakers for Hope and the Ellie fund and help me fight so others don’t have to fight for their lives. Much love, Jonny “Thunder” Robin

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