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Why I box

Anyone who does anything to help a child in their life is a hero to me -Fred Rogers

On May 7th, 2022 my 7 year old son, Gavin, was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital and diagnosed with Philadelphia Positive Chromosome Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His world suddenly went from sports, friends and fun to needles, nausea, and barely being able to get out of his hospital bed. In his first year of treatment he endured:

365 days fighting cancer
363 days of chemotherapy
324 days with a port
158 days with an NG feeding tube
91 school absences
88 days/nights in patient at BCH
75 days out patient at JFC/BCH
39 days with a PICC line
26 different chemo/other medications
21 platelet transfusions
18 blood transfusions
17 lumbar punctures
16 x-rays
13 VNA visits
8 EKGs
7 ER visits
6 ultrasounds
4 CTs
3 bone marrow biopsies
3 MRIs
1 echo
1 endoscopy

Gavin is currently in the Maintenance phase of treatment, taking daily chemo at home and going into the Jimmy Fund Clinic every 4 weeks for additional treatment. He is expected to finish treatment in May 2024.

My motivation throughout my training and especially on May 9th, will be Gavin and every other child forced to face a cancer diagnosis. No one fights alone.

Why I chose to support the Nick Strong Foundation:

The Nick Strong Foundation was founded by the Gaspar family to honor their teenage son, Nick. Nick was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer in May 2021 at the age of 14. He bravely battled this devastating disease for 2 years.

The Gaspars are our friends from town and our daughters play sports together. They have been amazing to our family from the moment Gavin was diagnosed. Even though they are going through their own unimaginable journey, they have always offered their advice, support and love.

Gavin and Nick spent many overlapping days together at the Jimmy Fund. Nick always had a smile on and even a pack of Pokémon cards for Gavin. If Gavin finished treatment or a transfusion before Nick, he always asked to stay until Nick was done. And without hesitation, Nick would sit with Gavin and play endless video games with him. Nick showed Gavin how to navigate this journey with humor, positivity and grace and we will forever be grateful for the time they spent together.

The Nick Strong Foundation and the Gaspar family are dedicated to supporting pediatric brain cancer research and helping pediatric cancer patients and their families. I am honored to support them and their mission through the Haymakers for Hope Rock ‘N Rumble.

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