NYC - It's your turn to step into the ring for Hope NYC XII!

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Peter Collier


211 lbs


6' 0"





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Why I box

Haymakers for Hope’s mission is to knockout cancer the only way we know how, by literally fighting for a cure.

Cancer has taken a significant toll on our lives, claiming the lives of cherished family members and dear friends. Each loss leaves an indelible mark, a reminder of the battles fought and the lives cut short. In their memory, and in honor of their courage, we have a profound responsibility to act.

By raising money for cancer, we honor the memories of those we've lost. We turn our grief into action, our sorrow into strength. We ensure that their fight was not in vain and that future generations will face a world where cancer is no longer a formidable foe.

I fight for many. Fortunately, not all lost the battle, but far too many have. I take this fight to do my small part, to let them know I miss them, and those still here, how much they impacted me with their courage, grit, and strength. Even the smallest contribution can help. Please support this cause, even if it’s one less cup of Starbucks for the month. I’ll make it count.

Some of those who have inspired me, and whom I think of often, and some who we are blessed to still have with us, but showed what being brave is all about: I fight for them…..

Justin Constantine
Lillian Collier
Vera Gerhart
Greg Smith
Ellen Briggs
Alexandra “Sandy” Williams
Carla Vestergaard
AJ Orendorff
Vera Lackey
Regina Vitale
Spencer Gleason
MacKenzie Stuck
Laura Corddry
Beatrice “Trixie” Tracy
Tom Matte
Angie Lutz
Marilyn Penoyer
Jeff Sanderson
Kaliope Parthemos
Eddie Caron

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Marianne and Ken Sorteberg

Go Pete!!!

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PJC! So proud of you for stepping into the ring for an incredible cause so near to your heart and that we all believe in. Your dedication, strength, grit, passion and determination will be on display. We’re in your corner every step of the way. Go get it! Love your bros Chris, Tim, Nate & Greg

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