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Kelsey McElduff


190 lbs


5' 9"




Transportation Engineer

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Fight Club Philly
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Why I box

Raised around lions - Joel Embiid

I grew up surrounded by a bustling family where every gathering felt like a celebration of life itself. From joyful birthday parties to heartfelt reunions, these moments were the backdrop to a reality that also included the harsh presence of cancer.

My dad's mother, Peggy, or Nanny as she was affectionately known, remains legendary in our family lore. Despite battling breast cancer, she never let it dim her infectious spirit. Her positivity and zest for life were constants until she passed away in 1979, but both live on in her 11 children.

When I was just ten, I lost my mom's father, Richard, or Grandpa Dick. In the short time I knew him, he taught me about quiet strength and leadership. His influence guided my journey into engineering and public service.

As I grew up, I witnessed firsthand how cancer touches every corner of a large family like ours. My uncle Kevin, a favorite among us, left behind cherished memories of laughter and his garage full of treasures. Losing him at 20 marked the beginning of a series of losses that would shape my adult life.

Cancer's reach extends beyond my relatives to friends and loved ones. Yet, amid the pain, I've been fortunate to witness the resilience of survivors like my cousin Kara and my mom's best friend, Jane. Their courage fuels my hope for a future without this disease.

Organizations like Haymakers for Hope are at the forefront of the fight against cancer. Participating in Belles of the Brawl is more than just a personal challenge—it's my way of contributing to a cause that means so much to me.

To my incredible family and friends whose unwavering support sustains me through it all, thank you. Your love is my strength and my reason to keep fighting.


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Bridget Antalek

You are SERIOUSLY awesome!

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Ann Herlihy

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Judith Dollenmayer

Hi, Kelsey -- All good wishes for your October bout. Please remember, we like your nose the way it is. Go, girl. XX Judy Dollenmayer

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