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Fran Pulice


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Why I box

"Don't stop me now!"

When I think of my sister, Rachel, and her courageous fight against inflammatory breast cancer I just hear Queen blasting in the background. Her fight songs going into treatments would have the whole car bumpin'. Though these songs hit a little different after her passing on Feb 5th, 2022. They still hold the same place in my heart and will be put on blast when I walk out on fight night.

Her journey completely changed my perspective on life and having the opportunity to be apart of a sisterhood and community for a common goal to knock out cancer is exactly what I needed on this healing journey.

I look forward to telling her story every step of the way and raising funds that I know she'd be proud of me for!

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_Fran Paulice - Family Photos (4).png
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8 days ago


Eddy Molina

14% of goal


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Marea Canning

Go get ‘em gorgeous!!! Xoxo

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9 days ago


Kara Hendrick

Your sister truly sounded like an amazing person and I deeply admire your continued strength and motivation. While I did not know her, I have no doubt you continue to make her proud.

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