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Danielle Mysliwiec


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Why I box

Haymakers for Hope’s mission is to knockout cancer the only way we know how, by literally fighting for a cure.

For my 30th birthday this year, I decided to take on a different kind of challenge with Haymakers for Hope. This amazing organization has given me the opportunity to fight back against this terrible disease by training for and competing in charity boxing events to raise money and awareness. I’m not just stepping into the ring; I’m stepping up for something bigger than myself.

Cancer has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s impacted the parents of childhood friends, teachers from early school years, and my own grandparents. leaving them grappling with fear and uncertainty. Cancer’s reach extends far beyond statistics and medical reports. It’s about the young adults robbed of innocence, the parents navigating hope and despair, and the fighters who’ve struggled with every step.

Beyond physical exertion, boxing has also become my therapy. Mental health, often overlooked, has become my secret weapon. The rhythm of my training sessions has become a meditation—a release from the weight of life and uncertainty. Cancer may have dealt its blows, but I will fight back, fueled by the collective determination of those who’ve walked this path before me.

Haymakers for Hope isn’t just an organization; it’s a lifeline. With every dollar raised, research inches closer to breakthroughs. As the bell tolls, I stand not as an individual, but as a representative of resilience. I'm asking you to join me in this fight. To support me as I train for four months, spar with other boxers, and face an opponent in front of a roaring crowd. To donate whatever you can to fund the research that will save lives and end the suffering. To share my story and spread the word about this cause. To be part of my team and my family.

You may think I'm crazy for doing this, but I'm doing it for a reason. I'm doing it for all the people who have battled cancer, who are battling cancer, and who will battle cancer. I'm doing it for myself, to prove that I'm stronger than I ever imagined. I'm doing it for hope, because hope is what keeps us going.

Together, we can make a difference.

Together, we can knock out cancer.

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