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"Life should be a marathon."

Back in 2019, my beautiful friend Nikki Joyal fought for Haymakers, she was (and still is) a true inspiration, as she kicked cancers ass herself and then stepped into the ring and brought her strength and determination to help raise money and awareness towards those around us all, fighting the fight. After watching her over the months of training, and then in the crowd on fight night, I was so inspired by her and her strength, and applied for the next Belles in her honor. My fight wouldn't be possible without her.

Well, it is finally my turn, and it is surreal. I have opted to fundraise for the Why Not Devin Foundation, who I also ran the Boston Marathon for in 2022. I got to know Devin's mom, Christine, and her strength, desire, perseverance is unmatched. No family should ever have to face a cancer diagnosis, especially with a dreadful prognosis. DIPG took Devin Suau way too soon from this world, and I will continue to fight, however I can, to raise money to help find a cure for this horrible disease, so hopefully someday, no other child, or family, has to suffer this unimaginable loss.

Our dear friend and coworker, Caroline Cohen, is currently fighting cancer at Dana Faber. She is an 87 year old spit fire, with so much life and spunk left to share with the world. I am grateful that I have had the pleasure to have met her, and be a recipient of her delicious baked goods, non-intended humor, and of course, unlimited kindness. I will be fighting with and for her on my journey the next 4 months.

And as always, I fight for my kids. I continue to align myself with events and fundraising that will not only challenge myself mentally and physically, but help other people around us. I want my kids to see that we can do hard things. That when you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. I want them to grow up seeing me work hard for myself, our family, and work hard to help others who are in need. My body and life has enabled me to be able to do these things, and I am very grateful for that, and with that, I want to make sure to help others who cannot.

I will step into that ring in October and bring all of myself; to fight for those that can not be with us to fight any longer, and for those that are fighting hard alongside us still. I will never stop trying to bring awareness and funds to finding a cure for this horrible disease.


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