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Bodies by Perserverance
Private Equity
175 lbs
29 yrs
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July 23rd @ 7:30 pm
Fillmore Auditorium

1510 N Clarkson St, Denver, CO 80218

Haymakers for Hope’s mission is to knockout cancer the only way we know how, by literally fighting for a cure.

Why I fight?

I am fighting both in memory and in celebration. My inspiration to step into the ring comes from the two people who shaped my life the most, and their respective battles against cancer – my Mother & Father.

I am fighting in memory of my Mother, who lost her battle to brain cancer when I was 18. I am humbled by the lessons she taught me during that time period – I am humbled by the courage, strength, and resilience that I witnessed from her on a daily basis, up until her last day. I also fight to celebrate the person that she was. While losing her was incredibly painful for my family, I am both proud of and grateful for the 18 wonderful years that I had her as a role model. I hope that by fighting, the money raised can help other families avoid such loss.

I am also fighting in celebration of my Father, who won his battle against prostate cancer a few years after my Mother passed. I celebrate the example he set when my Mother was sick, and the example he set when he was diagnosed. I celebrate him for teaching me what it truly means to lead a family, for showing me how to take care of the people you love, and for demonstrating how to face seemingly insurmountable challenges and come out stronger. I hope that by fighting, the money raised can give more families cause for celebration.

Mom – I told you I would take you with me everywhere I went – well, welcome to the boxing ring!

Dad – I celebrate every extra conversation, memory, and hug that we have been able to share because you won your fight. Now, time for me to try and win mine!

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