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Urban Boxing DC
Real Estate
165 lbs
33 yrs
christian wheeler
November 4th @ 7:30 pm
The Anthem

901 Wharf St SW
Washington, DC 20024

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.- Mike Tyson

Why I fight?

Earlier this year our friend, John David Black, passed away after a nearly seven year battle with brain cancer. He was only 33 years old and left behind his wife, Jen, and two beautiful children.

While it's difficult to encapsulate John in just a few words, what might do it best is what his father, John Sr., has always said: "I want to be like John when I grow up." A sentiment his mom, Jeanine, and his siblings, Evan, and Leah would be quick to echo.

 John was a force, he loved his family and friends above all else and radiated a quiet resolve that gave comfort to those around him. He faced adversity with unflappable courage and never missed an opportunity to elicit a smile with his wry humor, no matter the hardship he faced.

John embodied the warrior spirit, and given the impact he had on me, I wanted to find a way to honor him.

On November 4th, I will step into the boxing ring as a fighter in Haymakers for Hope’s Beltway Brawl at The Anthem. I will join 27 other fighters for a 3-round sanctioned boxing event while raising money for cancer research, care, awareness and survivorship.

I'm fundraising for Dr. John Laterra's research at John's Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Dr. Laterra oversaw John’s treatment and is internationally recognized for his clinical expertise and research on mechanisms of brain tumor malignancy. 

I will put my heart and soul into this journey and I hope you will consider making a donation in support of my efforts. 


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