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Endgame Boxing and Fitness
Sales Director
200 lbs
31 yrs
george balatinos
April 27th @ 7:30 pm
The Fillmore Philadelphia

29 E Allen St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Haymakers for Hope’s mission is to knockout cancer the only way we know how, by literally fighting for a cure.


Why I fight?

Everyone knows someone. Cancer has directly or indirectly impacted the vast majority of us at some point in our lives. Whether it be a personal battle or watching family members, friends, and loved ones fight their own – cancer has impacted us all.

I fight for all those who have fought and won their battle, like my brother.  I fight for those who have fought and lost their battle, including my Grandparents, Uncle, and other close family & friends.  I fight for ALL those who will continue to fight and will be impacted by this disease, in hopes of finding a cure.

Haymakers for Hope allows me an opportunity to honor and recognize their fight.  It allows me to do my part in fighting back through raising money on this journey to give researchers the resources they need to fully focus their efforts on finding a cure!

I hope you'll join me in this fight and consider donating towards this amazing cause.

Thank you for being in my corner...

Now, Let's K.O. Cancer!