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185 lbs
36 yrs
gerry reilly
November 14th @ 7:30 pm
Hammerstein Ballroom

311 W 34th St, New York, New York 10001

"Be who you were meant to be and you will set the world on FIRE.”

Why I fight?

Like most, I have felt and seen the unspeakable impact of cancer. Loss, heartbreak and doubt, are just a few of the feelings that this disease has introduced into my life and the lives of loved ones. The fight I will wager against cancer on November 14th will not about memorializing and remembering the impact cancer has had, but instead mitigating the impact it will have moving forward. My fight will be for the future of our researchers and professionals, to fuel and charge them to impact this disease in a way that it will become a thing of the past.

5 years ago I welcomed my first child into this world. Blessed, full of joy, and completely ignorant I starred at the most beautiful thing I had ever baby girl. And in that moment of pure joy, I was struck with an equally forceful emotion of fear. How could I protect her, shield her from the tragedy of our world and ensure that she live a whole and full life? I have carried this fear with me everyday for the past 5 years and it has only grown as we welcomed our 2nd daughter to the world.

We have come so far, yet still have so far to go to extinguish this horrible disease. My fight is for the future. My fight is for continued success. My fight is for perseverance. My fight is for every parent - so that they can sleep more soundly and let go of a sliver of that fear.

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