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Mendez Boxing
Co-Founder: No Laying Up
180 lbs
31 yrs
matthew yates
November 15th @ 7:30 pm
Hammerstein Ballroom

311 W 34th St, New York, New York 10001

They're sleeping, and we're grinding. 

Why I fight?

I was introduced to cancer early in life, yet it’s a topic I have not addressed or reflected on all that much. I watched my Mom battle breast cancer and fight through chemo-therapy as a 3rd grader. I remember staying home ‘sick’ with her for almost 3 weeks after an intense surgery watching movies and eating the delicious meals delivered to our door from generous friends and neighbors (some of whom are no doubt reading now...thank you once again). I will be forever grateful that these are the first memories that come to mind when I think of cancer. My mother is a 20 year cancer survivor, and in some ways the gratitude and good fortune I feel saying those words can often feel like guilt knowing how often cancer wins the fight. Painful cancer memories rush to mind just as quickly as I’m sure they do for anyone reading this. My Aunt recently passed away in what felt like days waiting too long to seek out a doctor when she was feeling sluggish. Consoling my best friend at his mother’s funeral. 

Cancer is something I want to confront personally, and already H4H has forced broader personal reflection upon me. At 29, I’m at a crossroads physically - feeling good but everything is feeling a bit more sore. It’s an internal battle to get to the gym, and it takes longer to recover, so it feels like the perfect time to push myself and put a real purpose at the core of maintaining my health and wellness. What’s better motivation than the threat of getting KO’d in front of a crowd?

This November, I’m fighting to help other kids grow up in a world where saying “20 years cancer free” becomes the norm. I’m honored to fight in celebration and gratitude of the cancer survivors in my life and also to honor my aunt and others we’ve all lost to all the forms of the devastating disease we call cancer. 

Thank you for your support. 

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