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Mendez Boxing
Investment Banker
175 lbs
31 yrs
adam berke
November 15th @ 7:30 pm
Hammerstein Ballroom

311 W 34th St, New York, New York 10001

When there's a situation of flight or fight, if you take a flight, then you're going to fight yourself. And it's better to fight with others than fight with yourself

Why I fight?

As I approach the 10 year anniversary of my mom's brain tumor diagnosis, the one that put her through emergency surgery resulting in two strokes and a 10 day coma,  I somehow continue to remember the phone call I received from her the day before surgery as vividly as ever. She was scared. She didn't know what was going to happen. She didn't know if she would even wake up the next day. But she wanted me to believe  that it was going to be ok.

In the 1920's a physiologist named Walter Cannon identified this concept known as "fight-or-flight" which is a real physiological response that takes place in a human's sympathetic nervous system when they are faced with danger, fear or incredible stress. It is natural for humans to flight, or in other words, run for their lives. What makes the phone call I received from my mother 10 years ago so remarkable  is that even though her body elicited that natural "fight-or-flight" response... she didnt actually have that choice. My mom was preparing for the fight of her life and there was no other option than to put her hands up and fight back. 

What I felt that day in response to my mother's message ultimately doesn't matter. The shear terror, anger and sadness all amalgamated into one giant emotion isn't why I decided to get involved in this incredible cause. Moreover, it's because for 3 rounds, I want my mom to know that I know what it's like to not be able to run either. That for 3 rounds, I have no other option than to put my hands up and fight. Fear, anger and sadness play no role in this journey for me... it’s  all about showing my mom with my actions, dedication and effort that she isn't alone.

To this day, 10 years later, my mother continues to fight to recover and I want her to know i'm right there with her. Win or lose, I got her back for life. 


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