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Katherine Erbeznik

$8,500.00 raised 14 donations
85% of $10000 Goal Reached
Church Street Boxing Gym
128 lbs
38 yrs
gabriela ponce
November 15th @ 7:30 pm
Hammerstein Ballroom

311 W 34th St, New York, New York 10001

If someone is strong enough to knock you down, be strong enough to stand back up.

Why I fight?

We all know someone who has won and someone who has lost the fight against cancer. I fight for my Aunt Mary.  

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14 Donations Made.

4 hours ago
85% of goal
$100.00 from Casa Roble Ram

No thanks needed just keep up the hard work. Enjoying your journey and always looking at ways to help out a good cause.

4 hours ago
84% of goal
$100.00 from Julianna and Eden

We love you Aunt Kathy!

1 day ago
83% of goal
$1,000.00 from Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga

“Mama said knock you out!” Bring it, Thunder Kat!!!

1 day ago
73% of goal
$500.00 from Casa Roble Ram

Good luck

1 day ago
68% of goal
$300.00 from Anonymous
3 days ago
65% of goal
$200.00 from Alice & Colby

We can't wait to see you kick butt in the ring! You're amazing and we love you! :)

2 weeks ago
63% of goal
$100.00 from Mom

I'm so proud of you!

4 weeks ago
62% of goal
$5,000.00 from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher :: Corner Sponsor
1 month ago
12% of goal
$50.00 from Elizabeth, Rob & Madeleine

As your first ever sparring partner (no rules), I know you can do this!

1 month ago
12% of goal
$50.00 from Sep

Very proud to have a benevolent fighter for a neighbor!

1 month ago
11% of goal
$50.00 from Mom

You are a fighter!

1 month ago
11% of goal
$200.00 from Megan Burke

It's on my calendar! So proud of you!

1 month ago
9% of goal
$50.00 from Jannien & Mike

We are rooting for you!

1 month ago
8% of goal
$800.00 from Ticket Sales