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Elite Boxing and Fitness
Senior Director of Finance
180 lbs
37 yrs
steven detore
May 11th @ 7:30 pm
MGM Music Hall at Fenway

 2 Lansdowne St
Boston, MA 02215

I fight so your kids won't have to!

Why I fight?

Raegan, my daughter, was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ("B-Cell ALL") on July 10, 2020, just after her third birthday. Her life and the lives of her siblings, Ali (9) and Griffin (7), and family were changed forever on that day. Throughout treatment, there were many rough days and nights through her battle with B-Cell ALL, however she was a tremendous warrior through it all.  There were countless trips to the ER at MGH, multiple nights where we would wake her up multiple times to check her temperature, ensuring she didn't have a fever, and many, many trips to the MGH Hematology Oncology clinic. Through it all, she has persevered through her treatments to continue to act and play like all 3-5 year old’s should. She continued to master riding her bike, even with a bag of immunotherapy strapped to her back, and playing with her siblings. She was also able to complete a year of pre-school during her treatments and she started kindergarten in September 2022. She endured 820 days of treatment since 7/10/2020. An incredible child with unbelievable support during it all from Ali and Griffin. I fight for Raegan, Ali, and Griffin. I fight to ensure that other children and their siblings don’t have to endure what mine did.

I am fighting to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF)! 100% of all donations will go straight to PCRF.

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation improves the lives of children living with cancer by funding novel research to transform pediatric cancer care.  They focus on advancing treatments and protocols that will create cures where none exist and inspire less toxic regimens that have fewer side effects.  They believe that vibrant partnerships with the research community are essential for accelerating meaningful scientific progress — partnerships that endure and flourish as days turn into years and stomach-churning disappointments alternate with exhilarating wins. That is why they cultivate today’s research rock stars and tomorrow’s innovators with the same steadfast commitment, optimism, and belief. 

Together, we will change the world of pediatric cancer care and make it possible for children facing childhood cancer to spread their wings and soar.