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Nolan Bros Boxing
Director of Sales, Healthcare IT
170 lbs
36 yrs
joe ruggieri
May 15th @ 7:30 pm
House of Blues

15 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215

Serving cancer a jaw jacking, one punch at a time.

Why I fight?

Cancer sucks.. plain and simple. Over the past few years I've dedicated philanthropic efforts to support organizations including Haymakers, Dana Farber, The Jimmy Fund Walk, TeamWalk for Cancer, and Movember striving to do what little part I could in support against this terrible disease. Participating in H4H seemed like the next illogical and extreme step to make as big of an impact as possible. I've been fortunate to not have been diagnosed or have immediate family battling their own fight. But that doesn't mean other close family, friends, and colleagues that mean a lot to me haven't. In fact, they are my inspiration and motivation for stepping into the ring and punching cancer square in it's stupid jaw... or get punched in my stupid jaw.. however you want to look at it. Bare with me as I list the real heroes in my life that inspired me to do this crazy thing:

  • Bernie Pastor: my Grandfather, patriarch of our family, and staple in the community was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although he did not die from the disease per say; the complications stemming from failed attempts at treatment ultimately led to his passing. He lived an amazing life and every day I strive to be as good a man and provider as he was.
  • My Great Uncle, David Miller, lost his battle to multiple myeloma a few years back. He was a great and caring man being a strong influence in my adolescent years. He fought hard before succumbing to this terrible disease and I think about him often. Especially now throughout my training.
  • Another person very close to me that has been lost is Denise Kotlik. The mother of one of my best friends and truly the most caring, kind hearted soul I've had the privilege of knowing. I have so much admiration for her, how she fought, and the strength of her family. You are loved and missed.
  • My Uncle, Tim Carey, has been someone I've admired my entire life. It was shocking news to hear the words "non hodgkins lymphoma" and that Uncle Tim was going to be starting treatment. I'm proud to say that it has been a few years and he's still cancer free. This fight is to celebrate his own personal victory and make him proud.
  • Arguably the most important person in my formative years and to this day. My Godfather, Mike Stein, was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago and it was like we all got punched in the face. He was fortunate to have a successful procedure and has been cancer free since. I fight for Mike to acknowledge and support that whatever I'm going through is nothing compared to his experience and recovery which has not been smooth sailing by any stretch.
  • Cameron Conley is a badass four year old with a recent diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is under the amazing care of Dana Farber. I grew up with Cam's parents and this hits home having a one year old and just imagining being in their situation. Cam will be going undergoing treatment through 2020 but even at age 4 he has responded to everything with such a positive attitude; it's incredibly inspiring. There is really no amount of punches or time spent preparing for H4H that will ever amount to Cam's bravery and heroism.
  • A hero in every sense of the word, Luke Iorio, was paired with my company's team for the 2018 Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk as our Jimmy Fund Hero. As team captain, I had the pleasure of getting to know Luke and his family throughout our preparation of doing the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon route; raising as much money in his name and for that incredible organization. Luke is currently cancer free and down to quarterly check ups! It is remarkable what he's gone through at such a young age and winning his fight. I'm honored to fight in Luke's name to support his battle over the last couple years.
  • Another one of my closest friend's mother has been battling multiple myleoma for a couple years. Lou Ann Ruthinoski is a fighter and survivor in every sense of the word. A stem cell transplant was needed as part of her treatment and she continues to get stronger while taking the upper hand in her war against this rare form of the disease.

Certainly not discounting the other numerous others in my life directly effected by this terrible disease and I want you all to know that THIS IS FOR YOU!

I've said a lot but hopefully this portrays the passion and commitment I have to #KOCancer. It is truly a humbling and wild experience being included on the Haymakers Fight Card this year. With your contributions and support I will make my stand and impact in the fight against this wretched disease. FU Cancer!

Follow me.