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TKO BoxFit
Sr. Employee Relations Manager
122 lbs
42 yrs
tricia gill
October 9th @ 7:30 pm
House of Blues

15 Lansdowne St
Boston, MA 02215

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." Christopher Reeve

Why I fight?

My mother is my inspiration and hero.  She is fighting her fourth battle with cancer at the age of 76: stage 4 kidney cancer. She has already survived breast, lung and melanoma cancer.

In reflecting upon the life my mother has lived, meaning and fulfillment to her was raising her children and providing for her family; which in most cases was sacrificing herself so that her family did not have to. Throughout news of a different cancer, she never once showed fear, anger, placed blame, or refused to fight. Instead, she continues to express gratitude for her life, her grandchildren, and the blessing of another day. She remains deeply committed to her faith, family and friends.  In reflecting on all my mother is and all that she continues to do, I realize she was never appreciated or recognized nearly enough. So……the time is now.

I take on this challenging fight…..

  • To thank my mother for teaching me what courage, strength, and resilience look like, and to acknowledge all the sacrifices she has made to make our lives better.  

  • To show my mother how inspiring she is to me. I am constantly striving every day to follow her lead and to become a more courageous wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and person.  

  • To acknowledge how tired of fighting I know my mother must be, even if she will never admit it. I fight for her to be cancer free, so she can enjoy all her days on this earth with her family and friends without the constant fear of what is next.

  • For all our loved ones who are currently fighting to beat this unforgiving disease—and for those who have fought but who are no longer with us.   

  • For the hope that one day we won’t have to fight cancer anymore.

When I get in the ring on October 9th, I hope I get a glimpse of how my mother has felt for the past 30 years during her battles with cancer. Most of all, I hope that my fight will help my mother to feel less alone in hers.