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Back Bay Boxing
Dermatology Physician Assistant
125 lbs
32 yrs
anna o'brien
October 9th @ 7:30 pm
House of Blues

15 Lansdowne St
Boston, MA 02215

If you think you’re beaten, you are.  If you think you dare not, you don’t.  If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t, it’s almost a cinch you won’t.  If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost, for out in the world you’ll find... Success begins with a fellow’s will, it’s all in the state of mind.

Why I fight?

We are all fighters.  Perseverance is a trait that is ubiquitous in our culture, whether intentionally or not.  It is taught to us as children to help us build character, and reinforced throughout our lives when we are faced with strife.  Many of us are fortunate enough to determine when we want to fight, when we want to push ourselves to the limit to accomplish a goal that will be advantageous to our futures. 

I am fighting for all those plagued with illnesses that robbed them of the chance to choose their fight.  I’m fighting for all the survivors who put mind over matter, who pushed bravely through times of pain just for the chance to live another day, and see another face that counted on them.  I’m fighting for all the victims who used every ounce of strength within, but were still taken in the end. 

You can tell a lot about a person about how they respond to adversity, and I strive to live my daily life the way these men and women lived their last days - full of vigor, adventure, love, and so much fight in their souls.  This is what boxing does for me.  It lights a fire inside, and proves to me how tough I can be - physically and mentally.  It is the spark that ignites my desire to achieve more than I thought I was capable of, both in the ring and in my personal life.  In those moments of exhaustion, I often think of those who cannot choose when to end the pain, and that gives me the strength to finish what I came for.  Whenever I leave the gym, I feel lucky for all of the wonderful things in my life, and realize the bad things just aren’t so bad.  I fight to continue to appreciate this freedom of good health, and to remind myself that the sky is the limit.

And for me, personally, I am fighting for my loved ones who were taken much too soon.  I am fighting for my grandpa Bill – the toughest guy I ever knew.  He was the definition of a fighter, both in sickness and health.  Quitting was not an option when he was around – he taught me strength, commitment, and eventually how to cope with loss.  I am fighting for my uncle John, my uncle Fuzz, who never failed to be there for his family, and withstood so much debilitating pain so his wife and children would avoid losing their hero.  I am fighting for Lisa and Barbara, my mother’s two best friends from childhood, who found the brightness in every dark day, and lived fearlessly until the very end.  

I am beyond humbled and proud to be a part of Belle’s of the Brawl 2019, and to become a member of the Haymaker’s family.  I am so grateful for all of my family and friends who are supporting me on this four month journey to #KOcancer (sorry mom), and promise I will not let you down.  Please take the time to donate what you can for this incredible cause – and do not miss the chance to watch me kick some butt in the ring this October!!!


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