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Tracy Deforge

$7,313.00 raised 44 donations
146% of $5000 Goal Reached
Elite Boxing
158 lbs
46 yrs
kaitlyn brosnan
October 10th @ 7:30 pm
House of Blues Boston

15 Landsdowne Street
Boston, MA 02215

Haymakers for Hope’s mission is to knockout cancer the only way we know how, by literally fighting for a cure.

Why I fight?

We give everyday men and women the opportunity to fight back against this terrible disease by training for, and competing in charity boxing events to raise money and awareness. To prepare for each event, we combine the efforts of the first time amateur boxing participants, local boxing gyms and volunteers. We hope to help give life saving researchers the resources needed to fully focus their efforts on finding a cure.

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44 Donations Made.

2 weeks ago
146% of goal
$50.00 from Nicholas Lemieux
2 weeks ago
145% of goal
$50.00 from Michelle West

I am SO very proud of you! I was hoping to be there but will be there in spirit! I know you'll kick ass!

1 month ago
144% of goal
$50.00 from Anonymous
1 month ago
143% of goal
$50.00 from Gary and Carolyn Horton

Good Luck tonight Tracy!

1 month ago
142% of goal
$100.00 from Havern Benefits Strategies

Go get em Tracy!!!

1 month ago
140% of goal
$25.00 from Jim Okun

Good luck tonight Tracy!! This is an awesome cause!

1 month ago
140% of goal
$100.00 from Leyden Family


1 month ago
138% of goal
$100.00 from Sharon Currier

You go girl - kick some ass. You are an inspiration. Sorry I can’t be there to support you physical but you’re in my thoughts and prayers. XO

1 month ago
136% of goal
$50.00 from Eric Schmider

I really wish you were in the ring with Kavenaugh.

1 month ago
135% of goal
$50.00 from Chris Monasch
1 month ago
134% of goal
$100.00 from Chris Creed

Really great cause Walshy. Best of luck and wish I could be there.

1 month ago
132% of goal
$100.00 from The Copelands

Go get ‘em Tracy!!!

1 month ago
130% of goal
$100.00 from Huang family

Good luck!!

1 month ago
128% of goal
$50.00 from Steve Pica
1 month ago
127% of goal
$100.00 from Steve Schwartz

Good luck! Keep your hands up!

1 month ago
125% of goal
$50.00 from T. Lanzilli

Good luck Tracy! 💪

1 month ago
124% of goal
$50.00 from Dolores Costa

Amazing accomplishment Tracy! Thanks for fighting for a cure!!

1 month ago
123% of goal
$50.00 from John Panchuk
1 month ago
122% of goal
$20.00 from Jessica Gravel

Great job with your training. Leave it all in the ring on fight night! You're going to do great.

1 month ago
121% of goal
$15.00 from Beth Colace
1 month ago
121% of goal
$300.00 from Craig and Kelly Duncan

Good Luck, Tracy! This is going to be an incredible night (and fight!), and all for an amazing cause.

1 month ago
115% of goal
$75.00 from Hector & Heather Flores

You're such a badass. Miss you dearly. Keep up the good fight!!!!

1 month ago
114% of goal
$600.00 from Franklin Fundraiser
1 month ago
102% of goal
$50.00 from The Bruno’s

Best of luck! This is a great cause!

1 month ago
101% of goal
$100.00 from Reetle Beetle

Good Luck Tracy... You are one of the strongest Belles I know! Thank you for doing this. I am so so proud of you... and I pity your opponent! LOVE YOU

1 month ago
99% of goal
$100.00 from Jerry

Thanks for doing this! Best of luck!

1 month ago
97% of goal
$118.00 from Anonymous

Good luck Tracy!

1 month ago
94% of goal
$25.00 from Nicole Viola

Good luck Tracy!!! Will be routing for you!!!

2 months ago
94% of goal
$100.00 from Jeffrey Scornavacca

It's not personal. It's strictly business.

2 months ago
92% of goal
$50.00 from Erin D'Aquila

Good Luck Tracy! Amazing charity and challenge you are doing. Best of Luck!
Love, Connor, Steve, and Erin

2 months ago
91% of goal
$100.00 from
2 months ago
89% of goal
$50.00 from The Cliffs

Best of luck!

2 months ago
88% of goal
$50.00 from Jim DeVito

Good luck

3 months ago
87% of goal
$50.00 from Robert and Rachel Walker

Go get ‘em Tracy! Thanks for being so courageous and awesome!

3 months ago
86% of goal
$50.00 from Hanifins

Thank you for raising $ for a great cause! Planning on being there to see the big event! xo

3 months ago
85% of goal
$250.00 from Scott Jones

Good luck!

4 months ago
80% of goal
$100.00 from Gail Mocklin

You are going to do amazing. You are strong, brave and badass.

4 months ago
78% of goal
$250.00 from Brian O’Neill
4 months ago
73% of goal
$500.00 from Anonymous

Good Luck Tracy!!

4 months ago
63% of goal
$50.00 from Rosa Alaimo-Quinn

Go get it, Tracy!

4 months ago
62% of goal
$100.00 from Anonymous
4 months ago
60% of goal
$50.00 from Megan Sullivan

Best of Luck Tracy...Knock 'em out!!!

4 months ago
59% of goal
$50.00 from Bill and Laurie Irwin

Great determination for a great cause! Good luck Tracy!

5 months ago
58% of goal
$2,885.00 from Ticket Sales