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Stacy MacQuarrie

$18,857.68 raised 63 donations
377% of $5000 Goal Reached
CoreBox Randolph
Business Manager
120 lbs
39 yrs
emily harney
October 10th @ 7:30 pm
House of Blues Boston

15 Landsdowne Street
Boston, MA 02215

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me" 

- Ayn Rand

Why I fight?

After seeing first hand how cancer destroys everything in its path, I felt a strong need to show my support for everyone dealing with this. 

Being wife to cancer survivor, Jamie, and mother to four wonderful children, James (10), Stella (9), Joseph (5) and Santina (3), I know how hard this journey is for every family it touches. I have lived through the fear, anger, pain and sorrow that was abruptly thrown into our lives. I have watched my husband power through treatment after treatment and watched him suffer as he wished this would just go away. I want to be part of a solution that will help to find new treatments and allow people to have a better quality of life during their battle and beyond.

We have been extremely lucky to have the support of our family, friends and the Braintree community. Haymakers for Hope and Marisa's Mission both have a mission to fight back against cancer and I want to be a part of it. Boxing has been a passion of mine since I was young and I knew someday I would step into the ring, I just needed the right reason. What better reason than to knockout cancer!!

Thank you for your love and support!!


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63 Donations Made.

2 weeks ago
377% of goal
$150.00 from Kris Cox

Go get ‘em, Girl! You got this!!!

1 month ago
374% of goal
$100.00 from Vicki Martin

Congrats on your win Stacy

1 month ago
372% of goal
$100.00 from Peter and Jana Anastasopoulos
1 month ago
370% of goal
$100.00 from Kevin Byrne
1 month ago
368% of goal
$50.00 from The Daniel's

Love you Macspaz!!!!!

1 month ago
367% of goal
$100.00 from Alison

Good Luck!

1 month ago
365% of goal
$100.00 from Nash Family

Good Luck Stacey and Jamie!

1 month ago
363% of goal
$100.00 from Jessica and Mike Stout

Good luck Stacy!

1 month ago
361% of goal
$100.00 from Ryan Hogan

In memory of Paul O’Keefe.

1 month ago
359% of goal
$150.00 from Joan Walsh
1 month ago
356% of goal
$20.00 from Anonymous

What an amazing way to support such an incredible cause!

1 month ago
356% of goal
$50.00 from Aunt DeDe

Go get 'em, Stacy! I love you!

1 month ago
355% of goal
$100.00 from Sally Forbes

Stacy - I am so proud of you. Good luck on the 10th. Hope to see you at Sean's new place sometime soon.

1 month ago
353% of goal
$100.00 from Joe Clancy

Go Stacy!

1 month ago
351% of goal
$3,500.00 from The MacQuarrie Family (Jamie, Stacy, James, Stella, Joseph and Santina)

Super grateful for all the love and support! Thank you to those who have helped us from the Braintree Community and Marisa's Mission!!

1 month ago
281% of goal
$100.00 from Brian McKenzie
1 month ago
279% of goal
$300.00 from Miroballi Family

Keep swinging!

1 month ago
273% of goal
$200.00 from Debbie Hendricks

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! I am just blown away by your strength, determination, courage, and kick a_ _ mentality!!! 😊 You are truly inspiring and a wonderful role model for the kids and those who know you. I am very grateful to be one of them and will certainly be in your corner!!! Now go kick so butt!!!

1 month ago
269% of goal
$200.00 from Thorsteinsson family

You go girl! ... Italian "Viking"!!!

2 months ago
265% of goal
$50.00 from Ben and Mary Kate Kennedy

Good luck! 🥊 🥊 🥊

2 months ago
264% of goal
$50.00 from Deb Cote


2 months ago
263% of goal
$100.00 from The Herbert Family Giving Fund
2 months ago
261% of goal
$50.00 from Dan Smude

You are awesome. Happy to see how you are helping the cause.

2 months ago
260% of goal
$50.00 from The Fruscella’s

Good luck!

2 months ago
259% of goal
$200.00 from Erika & Sean Kennedy

Stacy, you're amazing!!! Good luck!! xoxo

2 months ago
255% of goal
$200.00 from Anonymous

Go get 'em, Stacy! Run that ring like you run an ROB!

2 months ago
251% of goal
$3,597.68 from Matching Gifts
2 months ago
179% of goal
$25.00 from Tamara B
2 months ago
178% of goal
$100.00 from Mel, Matt and Shane

"I'm gonna knock you out. Mama said knock you out"
Keep those dukes up! So proud of you! Love ya!

2 months ago
176% of goal
$20.00 from Aiva Antonetti
2 months ago
176% of goal
$50.00 from Anonymous

What a great cause! Wish you the best!

2 months ago
175% of goal
$50.00 from Diane Duplaga

Good luck in the ring!! Wish we could be there, but we will be cheering you on from CLE!!❤️

2 months ago
174% of goal
$100.00 from Carmen & Susans

Give Cancer the KO

2 months ago
172% of goal
$100.00 from Sonia Family

Love You

2 months ago
170% of goal
$100.00 from Mary Guenther

You go, girl. We love you

2 months ago
168% of goal
$50.00 from The Cimmas

We love you Jamie and Stacy! You’re an inspiration


2 months ago
167% of goal
$25.00 from kathleen b. murtaugh

God Bless

3 months ago
166% of goal
$50.00 from Brian Petriella

You better knock someone out!

3 months ago
165% of goal
$100.00 from James & Cristina Bolling

Break a leg! Or not that — in fact don’t break anything.

3 months ago
163% of goal
$50.00 from Greg Nolan

Good Luck Stacy! If you hit your opponent as hard as you hit Sean's 'ZONE', you will be great!

3 months ago
162% of goal
$100.00 from Julie, Hilary, and Grey

We love you and are so proud!! Pound it out girl!!

3 months ago
160% of goal
$200.00 from Katie Mcgonigle

Keep er lit girl!

3 months ago
156% of goal
$100.00 from Linda Christman

Don’t let them touch that beautiful face

3 months ago
154% of goal
$100.00 from Savages

“Your eat lightening and crap thunder”
Coach Mickey ~Rocky

4 months ago
152% of goal
$25.00 from Mary Hrebenak

Good luck Stacy!

4 months ago
152% of goal
$100.00 from The Hanlons
4 months ago
150% of goal
$100.00 from Luis, Elizabeth and Juan Sanchez

Let's go Stacy!

4 months ago
148% of goal
$50.00 from Bridget Mahoney

Kick some ass Stac!! xoxo

4 months ago
147% of goal
$50.00 from The Mauriello Family
4 months ago
146% of goal
$50.00 from The Hankinson Family

You are a rock star! We are so proud if you for doing this!! I know how much work you are putting into it!

4 months ago
145% of goal
$50.00 from Erin Hanlon

Good luck Stacy!

4 months ago
144% of goal
$40.00 from The Becks

Good luck

4 months ago
143% of goal
$10.00 from Christie Fleming

Good luck!
-BHS 2015 alum

4 months ago
143% of goal
$25.00 from Kathleen Jagodnik

Good luck, Stacy!

4 months ago
142% of goal
$500.00 from Milton Police Charitable Foundation

Good Luck Stacy!

4 months ago
132% of goal
$100.00 from Greg Philbrick

Good luck!

4 months ago
130% of goal
$100.00 from The Kilpatricks

Best of luck Stacy, we’ll be there to support you!

4 months ago
128% of goal
$100.00 from The Kippenhan's

Good luck Stacy!!

4 months ago
126% of goal
$50.00 from The Del Monaco family

Good luck!! ❤️

4 months ago
125% of goal
$100.00 from The Marchi’s

So proud of you!

4 months ago
123% of goal
$30.00 from June

Good luck.💕

4 months ago
123% of goal
$25.00 from Anonymous

Love you Stacy! Go kick some ass!

4 months ago
122% of goal
$6,115.00 from Ticket Sales