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Nonantum Boxing Club

Orthopedic Surgeon
124 lbs
53 yrs
5' - 4"
samantha singer
October 5th @ 7:00 pm

House of Blues

15 Landsdowne St Boston, MA 02215 United States

"It is not about just winning the round. It is not just about winning the fight. It is about winning every single second of your life."
Ronda Rousey

Why I fight?

These are the people who inspire me to fight:

Three years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. He underwent intensive treatment including a stem cell transplant at Dana Farber with Dr. David Fisher.
I watched him fight!!!
(Thank you Dr. Fisher!)

Two years ago, my father underwent treatment for colon cancer at Brigham and Women's Hospital with Dr. Joel Goldberg.
I watched him fight!!!
(Thank you Dr. Goldberg!)

Currently, my good friend Noreen (one of the toughest people I know) is being treated for aggressive breast cancer at Dana Farber with Dr. Eric Winer.
I am watching her fight!!!
(Thank you Dr. Winer!)

I have seen too many family, friends, and patients suffer while going through treatment or while supporting loved ones through this battle.
Physicians cannot offer patients research trials or innovative therapies without funds.
On October 5th I plan on stepping into the ring to help fight for a cure. We need to KO cancer, and I can’t think of a better way than Haymakers for Hope!

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